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Epworth GP webinar: Headaches & Migraines
Wednesday 18th of May, 7pm - 8.15pm
2 CPD Points.

Dr Lin Zhang, Neurologist & Adj/Prof Andrew Evans, Neurologist
Both speakers are based at Epworth Richmond.

This presentation will address some commonly encountered challenges in migraine management and the treatment strategies. It will include an update on pharmacological management and procedural treatment options for migraine and headaches, provide an overview on hormonal therapy for migraine as well as briefly discussing the relationship between migraine and stroke.

1. Recognise indications to initiate migraine preventative treatment
2. Identify the common management strategies in menstrual associated migraines
3. Recognise the implications of migraines and migraine treatment in ischaemic stroke
4. Identify the role of botulinum toxin, peripheral nerve blocks and trigger point injections in treatment of a variety of headache disorders

Hosted by Epworth Healthcare, this GP education webinar provides the opportunity for Q&A.

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