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Topic 1
“A young man suffering from obesity, evolving metabolic syndrome and androgen deficiency.” A case study exploring the interrelating endocrine issues of these three syndromes and their management strategies.
Presented by Dr George Kalogerakis, Endocrinologist

Obesity and early onset metabolic syndrome are increasing in prevalence while androgen deficiency may well be a concurrent issue that is often not investigated and often under-recognised. This case study explores management strategies for early metabolic syndrome and obesity. There will also be a discussion regarding the management approach for androgen deficiency ranging from diagnosis, treatments and addressing fertility issues

Topic 2
The role of bariatric surgery in obesity management in 2022
Presented by Dr Anthony Clough, General and Bariatric Surgeon

The last decade has seen an explosion in bariatric surgery services and related literature in response to the ongoing obesity epidemic. The potential impact of bariatric surgery on a range of obesity related comorbidities is now well defined. Bariatric surgery can now be performed more safely than ever and the variety of procedures has expanded.

This presentation will address the following aspects of modern bariatric surgery practice:
Key publications and data relating to the effects of bariatric surgery on diabetes, cardiovascular disease, longevity and other conditions
Early and long-term risks and complications
Suitable candidates for surgery
The general practitioner’s role in long term management of the bariatric patient

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