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Epworth GP webinar: BACK PAIN
Topic1 : Assessing back pain: History and examination and when to refer to a specialist,
presented by Mr Rana Dhillon, Neurosurgeon

Topic 2: Back Pain: The latest recommendations for treating back pain, a common and difficult condition, presented by Dr Jacquelyn Nash, Pain Physician

Hosted by Epworth Geelong, in this webinar Mr Rana Dhillon will share his system of assessment for back pain. He will outline yellow and red flags, the key elements of the history and assessment when making a diagnosis, when and what to test, indications for when to refer. Pain Physician, Dr Jacquelyn Nash, will then provide an overview on the latest recommendations for treating back pain, with the aim to assist GPs to guide and support their patient presenting with back pain. Discussion will include up to date prevention and management strategies for this condition. The webinar will include case studies and Q&A, moderated by Dr Anne Stephenson.


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