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Epworth GP webinar: Update on Fracture Management, Virtual Fracture Clinics and Hip & Knee Arthritis
Mr Ruban Ambikaipalan and Mr Brett Moreira, Orthopaedic Surgeon, will discuss the following:

Updates on General Fracture Management for GPs:
• Common upper and lower limb fractures
o The rise of “Virtual Fracture Clinics” and deciphering what actually happens in Hospital Outpatient Fracture clinics
• Indications to Refer to an Orthopaedic Surgeon
• Criteria for Fixation vs non operative management (clavicle, ankle, wrist fractures etc)
• Long term sequelae of Fracture Management & mismanagement!

What’s New in Hip and Knee Arthritis:
• Non operative modalities of treatment for Hip and Knee pain
• What investigations are useful (and what aren’t!)
• Busting the myths on what works and what doesn’t
• New technology and the latest evidence for your patients on Approaches to Hip Replacement, Robots, Patient Specific (3D) Instrumentation and Computer Navigation in Joint Replacement.

The presentation will include case studies and the opportunity for Q&A.


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